Should You Be Looking For Affordable Or Scalable Enterprise Ecommerce Software?

Should You Be Looking For Affordable Or Scalable Enterprise Ecommerce Software?

Being an online store owner, you have to make lots of biggest decisions. One such imperative decision is choosing an ecommerce platform. Let’s say you want to start out, how do you know whether to choose a scalable ecommerce platform or one that’s simply affordable?

Why to choose scalability over affordability?

Now more businesses are going scalable. The ability to scale is a crucial factor for any business model. There are various looks to what scalability means in actual practice. Either it can mean serving to other market, or expanding range of products, or hiring new workers, or enhancing online sales. What’s more to it? If a business enhance its operating cost to grow its revenue, that’s not a business that will incur profitability.

However, as long as businesses grow its customer base while keeping overhead costs same or minimal, scale can occur. Especially in ecommerce world, scaling is important or else your business will become obsolete.

So, will your chosen enterprise ecommerce platform be able to scale up, when necessary? Will the software be able to manage increased number of transactions and high traffic volume? Will the ecommerce shopping cart be able to keep pace with security?

Best Ecommerce Platforms for Ambitious and Budget-Conscious Retailers

These platforms have their ups and downs. See, it’s not always clear to invest on a scalable platform or affordable one. Let’s have a look at unique features for growth.


A huge benefit that this platform comes with is its affordability. It is free to use, install and requires no merchant fees. It is best suited to those who make $0-500,000 revenue. So, if you think your business can surpass this amount, you should be looking for more scalable ecommerce platform.


Being a world leading ecommerce platform, it boasts for its ability to scale along with your brand. It is open-source, adaptable, and provides fully customization. Magneto Enterprise edition serves those who feel that their business would outgrow in future.


Most suitable for medium-sized and larger businesses, BigCommerce is an easy-to-use solution. It has a great ability to scale owing to its remarkable range of built-in tools and features for growth of your online store. You can also sell via multiple channels and can keep pace of your site’s success and improvements.


Expand your small business to larger one. The more you expand your customer market, the more you will make revenue.